Palm Beach Washer Repair


Common Services:

* Upgrading to stainless steel rubber hoses is recommended

* Motor Lubrication – motor might be dry

* Cleaning the pump


You might need to repair your washing machine because your washing machine has made unusual noises and will not start over again. What are you going to do?

Warning! Working on  any electrical device (such as a washing machine) can result in death or serious injury. Always make sure that all power sources are turned off to reduce the risk of electric shock. We do offer free consultations and we advise you to call us for any questions.

Washing machines perform several different functions, making it difficult to diagnose in the event of a problem. Some problems will be described in the user guide for your machine, others may not be mentioned. If you try to guess the cause of the problem blindly, you can accumulate a large parts bill.

No need to waste time and money guessing what’s wrong with your washing machine. Our professionals are trained to get to the root of the problem and quickly solve it. We know how to solve big and small problems for all the brands we serve, from Maytag to Kenmore and more.

Who can do without washing machines? Lately, they have become increasingly popular due to their ease of use and low maintenance costs. Nobody wants to wash clothes in the bathtub or with their hands anymore.

Not all washing machine brands are the same in terms of component configuration and assembly. Therefore, we recommend that you consult our qualified experts as they are properly trained to repair and service all brands of washing machines.

Here are some common problems associated with washing machine of all types.

If the main power cord is unplugged. Make sure it was not switched off from any activity, such as vibration of the machine, starting the wash, and even when someone hits it.

Check the fuse if damage and check for proper functioning.

Make sure your water inlet is still running well. Most of the time a blockage can cause the pipes and gaskets to break. Make sure your water lines are in perfect condition. Make sure the water flow is well connected and working properly.

Washing machines can also be dirty and smell bad when dirt builds up over time. Front and top load washers are largely influenced by hygiene problems. You can clean the machine effectively if you use orange juice and white vinegar or baking soda. When applied, start your machine full cycle without any clothes. However, you may need to apply home ammonia, bleach and white detergent if the condition is more critical. You can use the solution to rinse the inside of your washing machine, then moisten it with a towel and wipe off the rest with liquid bleach.

If you want to repair your machine, be sure to unplug it properly to avoid the risk of electric shock or injury to yourself and others around you. We recommend contacting our team of qualified technicians to resolve this effectively. We offer superior professional service and the best in the industry.

We offer Expert repairs for Washing machines – Timers – Engines – Control panels – Heating elements

Poor washing machines can damage your clothes or give them a bad smell.

Excessive vibration can also damage your machine and result in very costly repairs.

If you hear noises, see leaks, notice bad smells or other problems, call us now!

Front load washers and seals can develop a mold and this is another signal to call us for service.

If it has a worse odor, it could be an electrical problem. You may need to replace the belt. Or the engine may have broken.

All brands can be repaired and maintained by us.

  • All kinds of problems can be solved, including a completely dead washer that does not turn, the washer does not empty or empty properly, there is no cold water, soap on clothes, etc.
  • Replacement of parts: belts, pumps, timers, cover switches, pressure switches, drive pins, wigs, gearboxes, solenoids, shock absorbers, etc.