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Maintenance and repair of Cooktops, Ranges and Stoves


Whatever the appliance you have in your kitchen, the best way to ensure that they continue to be operational, and do so optimally is by taking proper care and maintenance of the appliances.
An appliance that is well maintained will last a longer time than the one not properly maintained. So for the stove and cooktops in your kitchen to have a long lifespan, and for you to enjoy them for a long time, you must properly and regularly undertake maintenance of the appliances.

Tips to maintain your cooktop and stove
If you want your stove and cooktop to retain its optimal working peak and last for as long as possible, here are some maintenance tips to help you achieve this.
Clean and inspect the burners regularly
While cooking, there are times when you drive or cooktop will get smeared with grease and oil, the debris of foods and other spills. If this dirt gets into the burners and remains there for a long time, unattended to, it might result in a reduction in the burner’s efficiency, and can even damage the burners completely. This is why you should always thoroughly clean your burners regularly to ensure that they are rid of anything that can cause them damage. Always inspect the burners as well for any sign of rust, corrosion, and other signs wearing off. To replace a stove or cooktop burner is quite very easy and recommended. You should try to change your burner either once or twice a year depending on how much you use them, and how quickly they wear off.
Before cleaning your stove or cooktop, however, you should make sure that they are not plugged to electricity. And if you use a gas stove, turn off the gas supply. Do not clean your cooktop while it is hot, allow it to cool down completely before cleaning it.
Also, do not pour or spray water directly on the control panel of your cooktop. Doing this might damage the electronic parts. Instead, use a damp cloth or foam to gently wipe off dirt away from such parts.
Make use of the appropriate cookware
Do not just use any type of cookware when cooking on your cooktop or stove. Cookwares with flat and smooth base are most recommended for your cooking. This smooth and flat base helps the cookware to maximize contact with the surface of the cooktop and thereby preventing it from scratches. The best types of cookware for your stove are those made from weighted aluminium, stainless steel, titanium, as well as those made from carbon steel.
Use dedicated cleaning products
Whenever you chose to clean your cooktop, you should be mindful of the products which you use in cleaning. Avoid abrasive cleaners, metal-based cleaners, or hard sponges when cleaning your stove as they may cause scratching and defacing of the stove. There are dedicated cleaning products for cooktops and stoves that you can purchase and use to clean your appliances. Soft sponges, cloth, baking soda and vinegar are examples of readily available household items that can be used to clean stoves and cooktops.
Clean spills instantly
Asides doing a regular inspection and cleaning of your cooktop or your stove, if during your cooking, you notice any spill, you should clean such spill immediately before it gets stuck to the cooktop and become harder to remove later. Cleaning spills immediately during cooking, also ensures that much stains or dirt does not make it to the burners, and therefore, the probability of damage of the burners or rust is minimized. Wiping the surface of your stove before and after cooking will also make the stove last longer and stay clean always.
Clean the base of your Cookwares
If the base of your Cookware is dirty, cooking on the stove with it can lead to hard-to-remove marks on the cookware and the stove. To forestall and prevent this kind of issue, you must always make sure the base of your Cookwares are as clean as possible.
Avoid dragging your cookware on the stove’s surface
There might be times where you are having heavy cooking. Big pot, large congregation type of cooking. When such happens, we sometimes tend to drag the heavy pots over the surface of our cooktops because the pots are not easy to carry or a bit heavy. However, this should be avoided as much as possible. Dragging a heavy pot across a cooktop or a stove can lead to scratches on the cooktop and the displacement of burners. This will make the cooktop or stove to wear quicker and get damaged. Always endeavour to lift pots and other cookware off the stove, instead of dragging.
Get professional help when necessary
To wrap it up, there are maintenance issues and repair of cooktops and stoves that will require the attention of a professional. When such matters arise, you should call on a professional rather than to try and fix yourself. As this might lead to more serious problems, and reduce your cooktop’s efficiency, or even lead to total damage.
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