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How to Maintain your Kitchen Oven


A lot of cooking in a household gets done in an oven. Sunday roasts, cakes, cookies, frozen pizza and many more cooking types require kitchen ovens to get done. A kitchen without an oven is mostly incomplete. The oven is a very important appliance for your kitchen and therefore needs to be properly maintained to prolong its lifespan. Kitchen ovens are available in various types like the gas ovens, steam ovens, electric ovens, and various sizes like the single oven and double oven available for the different price range to fit into your budget and space.

Tips for maintenance of ovens
Ensuring that you keep up the regular maintenance of your kitchen oven is highly important if you want to extend the lifespan of the oven and ensure that it keeps its maximum functionality and efficiency. Proper maintenance of your appliance not only extends the lifespan but also lowers the energy consumption and saves you a lot of money.
Some tips that can help you keep your oven in good condition for as long as possible include:
Cleaning the front panel
The front panel, the oven door, and the glass on your oven must be kept clean always. Keeping them clean will ensure safer cooking with your oven. However, you must ensure that the oven is cool before you start cleaning the oven. If the spill in the front panel is tough and hard to remove, you can use a heavy-duty degreaser.
If a heavy spill is on your kitchen oven, you can gently scrape off the food deposits with a razor, then remove the rest of the residue from the oven with a soft pad, soap and water to ensure that your oven stays clean always.
Clean the inside of the oven
Some ovens are self-cleaning, while the others are non-self cleaning. The process of cleaning the inside of your kitchen oven depends largely on the type of oven it is.
For self-cleaning ovens, you will have to follow the instruction for the self-cleaning function that comes from the manufacturers and is always in the user manual. Most of this self-cleaning ovens heat up the oven’s interior to a very high temperature. This incinerates the food spills and the particles inside. The process of cleaning varies from between 2 to 4 hours according to different models of the oven. If you will use a cleaning solution for a self-cleaning oven (which isn’t advisable), you must make sure that such a solution is made specifically for the purpose you want to use it for. Ensuring the proper cleaning method of your self-cleaning oven will help you keep the appliance operational for a long time and extend the lifespan of the equipment.
Non-self -cleaning ovens can be cleaned with the use of a specialized oven cleaner. To do a proper cleaning on these oven types, you must first allow the oven to completely cool down (never try to clean a hot oven as it might damage your appliance, and could cause you to get hurt as well), before applying the oven cleaner and wiping the oven with a clean rag or a soft foam brush.
Clean the oven racks
Remove racks from your oven and wash them in the sink. To efficiently clean the racks, you can soak them in soapy and slightly-warm water for 10 minutes or thereabout, then wash them with a sponge and dry them before returning into the oven. Whether you are using a self-cleaning oven or a non-self cleaning oven, you must remove the racks from the oven interior before cleaning the inside of your oven, and clean the racks separately by soaking and washing off all the dirt that has stuck to the racks over time.
Protect your oven against power surges
Power surges can occur at any time and for many reasons. This is why you must ensure that your oven is protected against surges at all times. Using a sieve protector is the best way to ensure your oven is protected from power surges, and to also ensure that you will be safe while using your oven.
Always switch off your oven when not in use
This is important. If you leave your oven on for long when you’re not using it, there is a great tendency that this will cause damage to your appliance. So, after cooking, always endeavour to cross-check and examine the oven to make sure that you have properly switched off the appliance and are not at risk of overheating and damaging the appliance.
Keep children away from the appliance.
A lot of kitchen appliances are not meant to be operated by children.  A kitchen oven is one of such appliances. To ensure the safety of your household as well as that of your oven, you must ensure that you keep children away from the oven at all times. Children might touch some things on the oven without knowing the implication, and this might lead to an accident. To forestall this, you should keep children away from the appliance, and if possible from the kitchen space entirely without adequate supervision.
Hire professionals for specific maintenance and repair
Doing all the things above will ensure that your oven stays active and functional for a long period. It ensures the longevity of the appliance. There is however some advanced maintenance that should be done by a professional. At Microwave Electronics Appliance Repair, we offer professional maintenance for your kitchen oven as well as other kitchen equipment. Also if your oven develops a fault, you should call a professional to quickly loom into it before it escalates. Any type of repair or professional maintenance that you might need for your oven to retain its optimal performance is offered by us at Microwave Electronics Appliance Repair
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