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Maintenance of Microwave Ovens


Microwave ovens have become a vital part of the 21st-century kitchen. The importance and use of this kitchen equipment are so much that regular maintenance is needed to keep it in a good shape for as long as possible. No matter how much the maintenance, however, microwave ovens can still develop faults. And when such happens, the best thing is to call on us at Microwave Electronics Appliance Repair to get your microwave oven back in operation swiftly, so you won’t miss much of your cooking activities to any faulty operation of this important equipment.

Uses of Microwave Oven
These Microwave ovens, as we have said, are very important in our kitchen lives and the entirety of our well being. Some of their uses are:
Food reheating
This is the most widespread use of a microwave oven and deserves to be the first on this list of uses. The microwave oven does an efficient work at reheating already cooked food while retaining the essential nutrients and good taste of the food.
Yes! Cooking is possible with a microwave oven. You can use your microwave to bake, grill, roast, boil, steam and blanch food items. Most microwave ovens come with information and a user manual that can serve as a guide for you to do all these cooking.
Makes juicing richer
Do you make homemade juices? If you do, the next time you want to juice your orange, lemon or any other citrus fruits, let the fruit microwave for about 20 seconds. You’ll be able to extract more of the juices and even more easily.
Disinfecting kitchen items
Your microwave can be used for this as well. To do this, you can just soak your plastic cutting boards or sponges into some lemon juice and microwave them for about one minute. This will disinfect your items and also deodorize them. Not all kitchen items can be disinfected with this method, however.
Roasting garlic faster
On a norm, roasting a bulb of garlic takes up to 45 minutes. With a microwave oven, you’ll be saving a lot of time like all the time you need to roast your garlic is just about 8 to 10 minutes. You just season your garlic, put in a plastic wrapper and roast.
De-crystalising honey
The next time you want to use your honey and find out it has been solidified, without worrying, all you need do is open up the jar and place in your microwave. A minute of heat is enough and your honey is back!
Raising yeast faster
To raise the yeast with the traditional method, you’ll take an hour or more. With a microwave, however, your job is easy and fast in about a quarter of an hour. All you need to do is microwave the dough for 3 minutes first and leave it for 3 minutes. Do the 3 minutes in the microwave oven again, and allow the dough rest for 6 minutes. Your dough would have increased to a double size by then.
With this level of importance and uses of a microwave oven, the maintenance becomes more of a necessary thing to do. Proper maintenance will allow your equipment last for as long a time as possible, and you enjoy the kitchen item for a long time.
Maintaining your Microwave Oven
If you must do some proper maintenance on this equipment, how then do you go about doing that? Some tips that can help maintain and keep your microwave operational for longer are
Regular cleaning
This is important and easy. It is the best way to go to ensure the optimal performance of your microwave oven. Spatters of liquid and food do absorb energy and leave your microwave with burn spots which gradually translates into greater problems for the oven. With soap and warm water, you can remove most foods and liquids from your microwave oven in the absence of a specialized microwave oven cleaner.
Use only microwave-safe dishware
Some materials are not fit for a microwave. Using these materials in a microwave can cause fires or explosions. Therefore, only microwave-safe dishware and items should go into your microwave. Items like metal, silver and gold-coated dishware, aluminum foil etc. should not be put into your equipment to keep it safe. You can check the manual for lists of microwave-safe items that comes with most microwave ovens.
Pay attention to the door
A lot of people abuse the door of the oven and do not give it the required and necessary care. Avoid slamming the microwave door, avoid using your elbow to close the door, and avoid opening the door without turning off the microwave. The microwave oven door is used to keep the microwaves that power the equipment from escaping into the air and causing a health hazard. So, while keeping the door in good shape is important for your equipment’s longevity, it is also important for keeping you and your household safe.
Do not run the oven empty
A lot of people are in the habit of turning on their microwave and letting it run without putting anything inside. This is potentially dangerous to the lifespan of your equipment and is strongly advised against. Keep children away from the oven as they tend to not know the dangers of running the oven empty.
Pay attention to weight limitations
On the norm, you won’t have to worry about the weight limitations of your microwave oven because many dishes or food usually do not measure up to the weight limits. If you are using more heavy dishes and food items, however, you will need to pay attention to the weights to keep your microwave functional for a long time.
Use Surge protection
Make sure you have a surge protector for your microwave to protect from power surges that might occur at any time and lead to damage to your microwave oven.
Call for help
Microwave ovens use complex electrical systems to store massive amounts of power. This makes some maintenance unsuitable for you without proper training. This is why you shouldn’t try to personally repair any part of your microwave oven by yourself, to ensure your safety and prevent causing further damage. Once you see that your microwave requires specialist and professional attention. Call us at Microwave Electronics Appliance Repair and we will attend to whatever problem your microwave oven may have. We are professionals, we’ve been doing this for long and we know just what your equipment needs. So, help your device last longer by calling on us today.