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Maintenance and repair of an Icemaker

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Whatever type of ice maker you own, from luxurious party machines to basic models of the fridge, you must take regular care and maintenance of the ice machine. Constant maintenance is the way to go if you want your ice-making machine to perform optimally and serve you well for a very long time.

If you do not pay proper attention to your ice maker, there are a lot of problems that will befall the machine. However, these problems can be prevented with regular maintenance.
Maintenance tips for Icemaker
Whatever the type of Icemaker that you own, here are a few tips that will help you maintain and care for your appliance.
Clean it regularly
Ice makers like any other home appliance require that you clean them, and do so regularly. A dirty ice maker might serve as a growth spot and breeding ground for germs which can end up causing a lot of health risks.
You can get yourself protected from the health risks of having germs in your ice maker by sanitizing and conducting regular clean-up on the appliance. Some manufacturers offer their own formulas for cleaning ice makers while others recommend bleach solution for cleaning up the ice maker. Regardless of your choice of cleaning agent, the regular cleaning of your ice making machine is the important thing.
Ice makers that come with refrigerators do not need rigorous sanitization, but it will be a good thing for you to clean the ice makers every once in a while. Before cleaning your ice maker, ensure you unplug the fridge and empty it out.
Wipe and wash out all the interior surfaces of the refrigerator with soap and warm water. Avoid abrasive products and harmful chemicals. Allow everything to dry up before restocking the ice maker and plugging it back to the source of electricity.
Asides the inside of the ice maker or your refrigerator, you should also clean the outside. This will prevent dirt and stains, as well as rust. To clean the outside, what you need is a damp cloth with warm water and soap to mop the body of the appliance and keep it clean.
Change the filter
A lot of Ice makers rely on a water filtration system to keep the quality of ice as excellent as required. Dirty water will male a bad quality of ice. This is why you need to regularly change your water filter. Water filtration systems work by passing water through an activated charcoal filter, which will remove all impurities from the water to enable you to get the best ice quality you can.
The frequency for the change of your ice maker’s water filter will mostly be indicated in the user manual. The times can be 3 months, 6 months or even yearly. But you must change your machine’s filter from time to time to keep the water clean and pure.
Constant Descaling
Another thing to do to keep your ice maker optimally functioning is to constantly descale the appliance. Ice makers usually get calcium deposits known as scale over time as a result of osmosis. This scale problem doesn’t affect ice makers in refrigerators as much as it does standalone ice machines.
To descale your ice maker, all you have to do is get descaling solutions for the ice machine. Some ice machine manufacturers have their own descaling solutions.
Give your ice maker enough breathing space
When ice makers are situated in tight places with little ventilation, they tend to develop faults and might breakdown quickly. To avoid this breakdown, you must ensure that the space created for ventilation of the machine is facing a direct source of air to keep your ice maker and refrigerator ventilated at all times. Avoid tight spaces by all means and your ice maker will have a longer lifespan
Also, always clear clogs and blocked chutes regularly, as this is the way to make your ice making machine retain its optional performance for a long time.
Troubleshooting and repairing your Ice maker
Some issues can arise with the working of your ice maker that you can easily troubleshoot by yourself to get it operational.
Some of the common problems of an ice maker include the ice maker not producing ice, the ice maker producing bad quality ice, blocked chutes and so on. Some of these problems can be easily troubleshot by a simple checking and fixing and allowing the ice maker to rest for some time by cutting electricity supply for some hours. However, for proper checking, maintenance and repair of your icemaker- whether stand-alone or part of a refrigerator, you should call a professional repairer. The professional will then conduct a diagnosis and check-up on the machine and run a proper maintenance and repair service on the machine.
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