For those who never settle in adding style and class to their kitchen experience, U-LINE is the name for Icemakers. From its luxurious range of products to parts & accessories to support, everything is just as classy as the brand itself. Notably, this brand not only thinks about taking care of the basic kitchen necessities but also deems about how its products are progressing to harmonize with the lifestyle and usage pattern of its present-day buyer. Undoubtedly, that’s a tough thing for a brand to do! With a lot of companies and innovations coming around, it becomes difficult to stand at the top for such a long period. And of course, with its industry-leading refrigerators, U-LINE has proved its significance every time!

When we talk about U-LINE, specifically, it’s not just about the normal refrigerators; distinction starts from the name itself. Whatever you think about, anything from food, beverages, and wine, U-LINE covers it all. Or, we can say, there is no looking behind since 1962, the year of its commencement. Being the continuous provider of the best refrigerators, premium modular ice making and wine preservation in the industry, U-LINE assures to be ahead of the curve at all times.

From the customers’ perspective, if you are thinking to take U-LINE products in your kitchen, you don’t require a second opinion! For your knowledge, the brand has enormously expanded itself in every possible sphere since it became part of the Middleby family of brands in 2014.  Or, you can say, everything comes easy with U-LINE; from finding a dealer, registering a product, manuals & guides, and brochures, all information becomes handy as soon as you open the official website. Exactly, each information is crafted keeping in mind the requirements of the customers

Talk about products, one can find a wide variety to fit-in his/her needs. Beverage Centers, Wine Refrigerators, Ice Machines, Refrigerators, Freezers, and what not! You just need to think about what you want and that’s it; you can find the product matching your requirements with U-LINE. That’s how the brand has developed itself. Further, for the deep explorers, U-LINE provides an exquisite range of products that holds all the capabilities to serve all outdoors, commercial, ADA height compliant, and marine-related needs.

The purchase procedure for this top-notch brand is kept quite simple. Rest assured, like millions of other happy customers, the brand leaves no stone unturned when it comes to customer satisfaction. To put it short – U-LINE simplifies everything for you!