When it’s about trust and top-notch quality, Thermador should be the name that automatically comes in your mind without giving a second thought. For those who don’t know why all the time we see Thermador & Bosch written together, here is a small piece of information to clear your doubts.

Thermador is a part of BSH Home Appliances Corporation, a fully-owned subsidiary of BSH Bosch. From refrigerators to ovens to cooktops, you can get just about anything to redefine your kitchen experience. In simple words, it is – Luxury Redefined.

The collection is just excellent with the right pinch of innovation, design, and luxury. Believe, when you talk about Thermador & Bosch, you are already levels-up from the rest. Of course, It feels exceptional for everyone to take home the product that not only works great but also looks great! And, that is where the brand makes its significance. From refrigerators to Ovens to Cooktops, everything is just crafted to make you go ‘Wow.’

Markedly, the company holds a great history in terms of consumer ratings and positive feedbacks. From the product registration to customer care to replacement parts, everything works together to be a contributor to your seamless experience. Not only this, the brand offers a wide range of accessories too. Of course, it’s not about how you eat it, it’s about how you prepare it! So, no further settlements when it’s something concerning your cooking experience.

Frequent users of Thermador & Bosch appreciate what they receive in return by spending their hard-earned money with such an esteemed brand.

Thermador comprehends what suits your kitchen, and that is the reason the brand has its refrigeration columns available from 23.5 inches to 36 inches. Not restricting its innovation here, Thermador offers you a fair chance to explore its exquisite range of wine refrigerators and under-counter wine refrigerators too. Thermador holds something for every size and price range!

Things appear half-done when we discuss the kitchen and not ovens or cooktops. Well, with Thermador & Bosch, the brand knows more about your kitchen than you!

From the exciting series of wall ovens, double ovens, triple ovens, steam ovens, speed ovens, and more, you can have anything to match your price range and space. Further, If you want to try induction cooktops, you get an added advantage with Thermador. Here, you get a fair chance to choose from the broad range of designs along with the matching pair of ventilation hoods. Moreover, the brand uniquely covers the extended range for gas, electric cooktops too.

Where there is Thermador, there is a way!